Are you sensational at what you do?
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What’s your claim to fame?

Let us help you to take your place as a local, national, or even international hero. 

We’ll get everyone talking about you with media strategies that get you the attention your business deserves.

What comes next? Sales!

When you’re an influential expert in your field, everybody wants a piece of the action. 
Be the news everyone wants to know with YDMA.

Public Relations

Optimize your business’s public image with YDMA. We’ll boost your media exposure, getting your message across through the channels that matter most to your market. 

If you’ve got a great image, we’re there to enhance it even more, drawing the public’s attention to your achievements. Let’s give them the good news! If you’re struggling under a burden of past PR faux pas, let’s work together to turn that around. It’s amazing what can be achieved with the right tools, contacts, and  know-how.


Become the star of your very own TV channel and appear in more than 200 million homes across the globe!

That's right! Over The-Top-Television (OTT) is broadcast quality TV with immediate advertising revenue from day one. 

Want to know how you can capitalise on this phenomenon? Chat with one of our team today!


It may be the oldest mass-entertainment channel, but radio is still alive and well. Targeted advertising on programs and channels that match your target market’s locations and interests will get you massive exposure. 

Do you still have radio jingles and catch phrases from way back running through your head? We do! That’s powerful stuff. 

We create memorable radio advertising campaigns and we work to get your business featured in program content such as news and interviews. What are you waiting for? Fame awaits!


There’s more to TV marketing than TV adverts. Product placement, and even your own documentary features and informational snippets can be part of your TV strategy. 

From concepts to production and securing your content’s place on preferred channels, YDMA is ready to lead you through the process that turns your brand into an “as seen on TV” sensation.

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