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How To Develop Mesmerising Brand Identity

12.11.21 12:47 AM By Gabriel

What is brand identity?

The visible elements of your brand are what make up its identity. These elements include the logo, design and colours. It is what your brand stands for and how you would like your target audience to perceive it. Brand image is the result of your brand identity, as this is how your brand is actually perceived by your target audience. Unlike your brand image, your brand identity is what you have control of. That’s why it’s so important.


Do a brand audit

Analyse the performance of your business, the industry as well as the performance of your competitors. Doing a brand audit also entails getting to know your target audience, their interests, and their response to yours and your competitors’ products.


Know what makes your brand or business unique

Once you’ve completed the brand audit, the next step in creating a mesmerising brand identity is to define your business’s unique value proposition. You need to understand what makes your product or service unique to your target audience. Knowing this will assist you in drafting your vision, mission and values.


Brand look, feel and voice

When creating the look, feel and voice of your brand, it’s important that you keep in mind what your brand stands for. This will ensure that you remain authentic and stay true to your brand. It will also make or break your relationship with your target audience, so it is essential that you put some thought into creating the right brand voice, look and feel.


Establish your brand identity

This can be done by ensuring that all customer contact points have the right look and feel. From your website to your product packaging. It’ll also ensure that your brand’s visual design and voice, is aligned to your brand vision, mission and values. Additionally, the brand voice needs to convey the right message in the right tone.


Monitor, analyse and refine

Lastly, you’ll need to monitor and analyse how people respond to your new look, feel and voice. If your target audience is not responding well to your new brand identity, you can always make adjustments. That’s the great thing about digital marketing. Through trial and error, you’ll eventually get your target audience interested in getting to know your product and service offering – create awareness; and through consistency, it’ll eventually lead to people becoming loyal to your brand.


In conclusion, having a strong brand identity increases the chances of your target audience choosing to use your products or services over that of your competitors. This leads to a positive brand image which ultimately results in positive brand equity for your business.